Alberto Rigoni Releases Duality

Alberto RigoniAlberto Rigoni Releases Duality

Italian Bass offers up seven inventive tracks on his newest album

By David Sands
December 26, 2017

Italian bassist Alberto Rigoni is known for taking on non-traditional projects, whether that be assisting his fellow Italian Mistheria on a metal version of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons,” his work with Twinspirits, which mixes hard rock and prog rock elements, or his own innovative solo material like 2016’s Bassorama.

His creativity is definitely on display on his latest release, Duality, which came out Sept. 20. The album’s seven instrumental tracks succeed in combining a melodic ambient vibe with prog and experimental influences. Duality features contributions by guitarists Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen) and Frank Caruso (String 24, Thunder Rising), keyboard players Mistheria (Vivaldi Metal Project), Ryo Okumoto (Spock’s Beard, Phil Collins) and Jonah Weingarten (Pyramaze).

You can check out two videos for the album, the meditative “Kyoto’s Gardens” and the chunkier sounding “Duality” below:

Duality track listing

1. Song for My Soul
2. Duality
3. Message in Morse Code
4. Kyoto’s Gardens
5. MAD 333
6. Obsessions
7. Aftermath

Title: Duality
Artist: Alberto Rigoni
Label: PRS Music UK
Release Date: September 20, 2017

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