Bill Reynolds of Band of Horses calls it quits

Bill ReynoldsBill Reynolds of Band of Horses calls it quits

Guitarist Tyler Ramsey is also leaving the indie rock group

By David Sands
May 4, 2017

Band of Horses doesn’t seem to be banding together very well these days.

Two members of the indie rock band, Bill Reynolds and guitarist Tyler Ramsey,  announced earlier this week that they’ll be departing after ten years of playing with the Grammy-nominated group. News that the musicians would be leaving came over their personal social media accounts in posts which appeared within a few hours of one another.

“I’d like to thank all the beautiful folks I have met out there on the road with Band of Horses,” said Reynolds in a Facebook message. “Thank you for all the support and encouragement, I am very grateful to have been a part of such an amazing band. I am moving on to pursue other things. I will be producing records, doing photography, and who knows, maybe I’ll go on the road again someday.”

As for Ramsey, he told his fans via Instagram: “We certainly had some good times and I’m sure I will miss the beautifully dysfunctional family we became.” The guitarist plans to release his own record and support it with a solo tour this fall.

Both musicians joined Band of Horses in 2007, first appearing on the group’s Cease to Begin album. Prior to playing with them, Reynolds co-founded the group, The Blue Rags, toured with bands like Drugmoney and Donna the Buffalo and built his own recording studio in Asheville, North Carolina. As a producer, he’s worked with the Avett Brothers, Truth and Salvage Co., Floating Action, Sea Stars, Liz Longley and Canadian singer-songwriter Tim Chaisson.

Band of Horses has plans to begin touring later this month.

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