Billy Sheehan releasing new album with Mr. Big

billy sheehanBilly Sheehan releasing new album with Mr. Big

Defying Gravity comes out July 2017

By David Sands
May 11, 2017

Billy Sheehan and Mr. Big have another one in the works that just may have fans flying out of their seats. The new recording, Defying Gravity, which comes out July 7 through the Frontiers Music SRL record label, will be the group’s ninth studio album.

It brings Sheehan, singer Eric Martin, guitarist Paul Gilbert and drummer Pat Torpey back together with producer Kevin Ellison, who worked with them on their 1989 self-titled debut, as well as Lean Into It (1991) and Bump Ahead (1993).

In a statement, Frontiers Music describes the album as showcasing “that patented MR. BIG blend of crunch and melody, from the freight-train ride of opening cut ‘Open Your Eyes’ to the harmony-laden wonderment of ‘Damn I’m in Love Again’ to the grateful/wistful nostalgia of ‘1992’…to the barnburning slide-blues closer, ‘Be Kind.’”

The bandmates recorded Defying Gravity during a six-day marathon studio session in L.A. Torpey, who was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, only appears on a couple of songs; the group’s touring drummer Matt Starr, who’s also played with Ace Frehley, fills in for him for the rest of the album.

Billy Sheehan says he enjoyed the rapid-fire creative process they used to make Defying Gravity.

“Six days, we could do it,” he confided in a video on the making of the album (SEE BELOW). “We knew each other. We work together well. And, when you have that pressure, that time crunch, it always gets a better result.”

Defying Gravity comes out July 9 and will be available in CD, CD/DVD and digital formats. A vinyl version is in the works too. Mr. Big is also preparing for a worldwide tour that will kick off May 31 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Defying Gravity tracklist:
1. Open Your Eyes
2. Defying Gravity
3. Everybody Needs a Little Trouble
4. Damn I’m In Love Again
5. Mean to Me
6. Nothing Bad (About Feeling Good)
7. Forever and Back
8. She’s All Coming Back to Me Now
9. 1992
10. Nothing At All
11. Be Kind

Album: Defying Gravity
Artist: Mr. Big
Release Date: July 7, 2017
Label: Frontiers Music SRL

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