Bruce Thomas Goes Back to the Start

Bruce ThomasBruce Thomas Goes Back to the Start

Attractions bassist’s joint project with Spencer Brown inspired by classic pop tunes

By David Sands
November 23, 2017

Bruce Thomas who’s probably best known as the bassist for Elvis Costello’s backing band the Attractions, has a new album of inspired by the classic pop of the ‘60s and ‘70s called Back to the Start. The new recording, a collaboration with singer-songwriter Spencer Brown, features 10 original single-length pop songs and a cover of the Beatles’ “There’s A Place.”

Back to the Start has an interesting backstory, Brown, a social media friend with Thomas, started things off by sending the bassist a song called “Fall On You” and asking for his thoughts. As luck would have it, Bruce loved the song and shared some advice on arrangement and instrumentation. This continued, with Spencer sending several more songs and receiving feedback. Eventually, Thomas got fully on board and accepted an offer to lay down some bass tracks. By the time they had enough songs to make an EP, they decided to jump all the way in and record a full-length album. You can listen to the title track below.

Back to the Start is available as a CD via Amazon and will soon be offered in a vinyl format. It can also be purchased digitally via iTunes here.

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