Colin Edwin emerges with Emergent

bassist Colin EdwinColin Edwin emerges with Emergent

New Burnt Belief release blends unorthodox bass and guitar with ambient sound  

By David Sands
November 24, 2016

Bassist Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree has teamed up again with experimental guitarist Jon Durant under the banner of their instrumental project Burnt Belief. Released in October, their latest effort, Emergent, delves into the “unspoken and hidden truths behind our daily reality.”

The progressive ambient fusion album, a continuation of their earlier experiment, blends mesmerising rhythms and evocative guitar soundscapes together with entrancing ambient patterns. Emergent also features adventurous guitar work by Durant and some ace playing by Edwin on a Spector fretless as well as an upright bass. It also includes the talents of drummer Vinny Sabatino, whose innovative and focused beats brings further grounding to the album’s atmospheric narrative, which explores how hidden processes impact the emergence of consciousness.

“With instrumental music, any meaning is obviously less explicit than when lyrics are present, but as we neared completion of the album, it became apparent to me that the majority of pieces on Emergent have elements of unresolved tension or darker moments somewhere below the surface,” says Edwin. “Something I have noticed more and more is that there are many seemingly straightforward things which, on closer inspection, turn out to be really quite complex and insoluble, and I have started thinking of the album as bringing out the feeling of suddenly seeing more than you expected and having an expanded view coming into focus.”

Highlights of the album include “Until the Stars Go Out”, which is anchored by some rather trippy upright playing by Edwin and “Confidence of Ignorance,” a menacing merry-go-round of strident guitar and electronic caterwauling that concludes with some rather epic drumming by Sabatino.

Track listing:
1. The Bubble Bursts (6.02)
2. More Snow (6.10)
3. The Confidence of Ignorance (5.06)
4. Emergent (9.32)
5. Until the Stars Go Out (6.26)
6. Language of Movement (7.01)
7. Turning Torso (10.11)
8. Ghosts Aquatic (6.21)

Title: Emergent
Artist: Burnt Belief
Release Date: October 6, 2016
Label: Alchemy Records

Emergent is available here:



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