Colin Trusedell’s deadly electric quartet returns

Colin Truesdell Colin Trusedell’s deadly electric quartet returns

Quartet of Jazz Death, Vol. 2 gets symphonic and surreal

By David Sands
July 29, 2016

Colin Trusedell and his funk-fusion band Quartet of Jazz Death are back, and this time around they’re taking the jazz all the way out there.

Quartet of Jazz Death, Vol. 2, the sequel to their self-titled 2014 debut offers up 11 brand new compositions featuring sounds, both orchestral and surreal, that will no doubt take listeners to some rather cosmic realms.

If the experimentalism here is a bit of departure from Vol. 1, it’s even more of one from Trusedell’s previous album, It’s All About The Hustle, a three-piece straight-ahead jazz record made with a bass, drums and piano. If anything, that big jump highlights his versatility as a player and composer. Wearing different hats is nothing new for Trusedell, however, who also happens to teach bass at Colorado State University in Pueblo and serves as the Musical Director for the United States Air Force Academy Band’s Top 40 ensemble, Blue Steel.

The trippy vibe on QJD,  Vol. 2 is fueled by some rather soaring electric bass playing from Trusedell, which he amplifies through his use of polyphonic octave effects and Super Synth bass sounds. On top of that, he’s also doing some really interesting composing, weaving these psychotropic musical elements with cinematic-feeling symphonic sounds informed by his classical background.

The QJD lineup, this time as with last, consists of Stefan Flores on drums, Steve Langemo on electric guitar, Shawn Hanlon on keyboards and  synthesizer and, of course, Trusedell on electric bass. Each of his sidemen have their own moments to shine here: Flores’ inspired drumming on “Outer Rim,” Hanlon’s bouncy space age synthesizing on “In a Nasty Mood” and Langemo’s flamenco guitar playing on the album’s finale, “The Edge.”

The album also benefits from some stellar guest appearances by saxophonist John Dawson, singer Krista Joyce and the rapper Demoh, the latter two of whom are juxtaposed against each other in the song “You Didn’t Know” (SEE VIDEO BELOW).

Quartet of Jazz Death, Vol. 2 will be released worldwide August 5 through his MyShowsLive Records.

Track Listing:
1. The Opener
2. Pimp Shizzle
3. Clean Slate
4. You Didn’t Know ft. Demoh & Krista Joyce
5. Tribute to NY ft. John Dawson
6. Entr’acte ft. Demoh
7. In a Nasty Mood
8. Cosmos
9. Outer Rim ft. John Dawson
10. Sound Complex
11. The Edge

Album: Quartet of Jazz Death, Vol. 2
Artist: Colin Trusedell & the Quartet of Jazz Death
Label: MyShowsLive Records
Release Date: August 5, 2016

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