Dave Ellefson: New Megadeth Album Underway

Dave EllefsonDave Ellefson: New Megadeth Album Underway

Bassist reveals where they’re at in the process

By David Sands
September 15, 2017

What happens after you’ve reached dystopia? Well, if you’re Megadeth, you get started on a new record.

In a recent SpazioRock interview, Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson revealed that he and his thrash metal compatriots are now in the early stages of a follow up to 2016’s Dystopia. (SEE INTERVIEW BELOW).

“We’re starting to just compile,” Ellefson said. “The process usually goes, we compile riffs, we compile some lyrics, you kind of start putting it together, we start thinking. We’ve been talking on the bus at night about the process and the location and just kind of how we’re gonna do the next album.”

“So it’s nice that we’re already thinking forward toward that,” he added. “We’re gonna wrap up the tour in November, and then our intention now is to go in and start working on the record after that.”

Megadeth just finished playing a series of shows with Meshuggah. And yesterday (Sept. 14), they kicked off a new North American tour with the Scorpions in Reading, Pennsylvania, which is slated to wind up Oct. 15 in Tampa, Florida.

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