bassist Dusty HillDusty Hill hurts shoulder at Texas show

ZZ Top bassist’s injury temporarily halts tour

By David Sands
April 21, 2016

As a result of ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill suffering an injury at a recent concert stop,  fans are going to have to wait a while to see the famously bearded band back in action.

The group’s bassist, Hill,  fractured a shoulder last Thursday during an accident at the Lone Star Events Center in Lubbock, Texas. Due to this unfortunate turn of events, ZZ Top has postponed all of their tour dates through May 7.

Carl Stubner, the group’s manager, said that Hill tripped as he was getting on stage to perform.

“It was very dark back there and the step—really a half-step—wasn’t lit so there’s no way he could’ve seen it,” he explained in a statement. “We found out that others had missed it and stumbled earlier in the day. Maybe some strategic lighting could’ve prevented this, but that’s water under the bridge.”

Stubner says that the most important thing now is for Dusty and his medical team to “do what’s necessary for a complete recovery.”

On the topic of his shoulder, Hill joked that he’s suffering from a type of injury his doctors say are “usually associated with contact sports.”

“I’m not sure bass-playing qualifies as such but they’re doing their best to get me back in the game as soon as possible,” he said. “Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes we’ve received. We’re determined to enjoy a speedy recovery and to see you soon!”

ZZ Top has pledged to reschedule missed tour dates. Details will be posted soon on the group’s website.

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