Esperanza Spalding lets her inner child sing

Bassist Esperanza SpaldingEsperanza Spalding lets her inner child sing

Emily’s D+Evolution gets wild with power trio

By David Sands
March 8, 2016

Bass prodigy Esperanza Spalding took to music at a very young age, so perhaps it’s fitting that she’s channeling her inner child on her latest album, Emily’s D+Evolution.

The Grammy-winning bass player started off her new project on terra incognita, without any manager, agent or record label to steered her in any particular direction. Although she’s known for her jazz work, the new album is something of an eclectic turn for her that carries a more rock-oriented feel than earlier efforts.

Anchoring the sound on Emily’s D+Evolution is a power trio consisting of herself, guitarist Matthew Stevens and drummer Karriem Riggins. They’re supplemented with support from backing vocalists and a smattering of synth. With the help of this new lineup, Spalding takes listeners on a 12-track journey that includes the guitar-shredding rock of “Good Lava,” the soaring R&B-inflected sounds of  “One” and the gentle/frantic sonic interplay of “Ebony and Ivory”.

The album’s name is a reference to Spalding’s middle name, Emily, which she went by when she was younger. It’s also a play on words that combines the concepts of evolution and de-evolution. Emily serves as an inner child alter ego for Spalding giving her two cents about evrything she sees around her.

“She has an experience in this realm of what we live in today and our dynamics and our acceptance of keeping the intrinsically linked aspect of ourselves at opposing ends of our identity and of our life and of our community structures: the carnal, the primal, the polished, the cerebral, the sophisticated,” Spalding says in a Noisey interview “So she looks at it, doesn’t really get it, learns about both, and learns about how they got to be so far away from each other.”

Spalding is currently touring the U.S. with her band and will be taking her music to international audiences later this year.

Track Listing:

1. Good Lava
2. Unconditional Love
3. Judas
4. Earth To Heaven
5. One
6. Rest In Pleasure
7. Ebony and Ivy
8. Noble Nobles
9. Farewell Dolly
10. Elevate or Operate
11. Funk The Fear
12. I Want It Now

Title: Emily’s D+Evolution
Artist: Esperanza Spalding
Release Date: March 4, 2016
Label: Concord Records

Emily’s D+Evolution is available here:

Esperanza Spalding AlbumCover



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