Features – International Society of Bassists Convention, 2013

Jon Liebman, Victor WootenInternational Society of Bassists Convention, 2013

 Killer video with Steve Bailey, Victor Wooten, Rufus Reid, John Clayton and many others!

Exclusive FBPO feature

It had been a while since I attended an ISB convention (almost 20 years, believe it or not!).  It was great watching so many spectacular performances, both classical and jazz and , in a new twist for the ISB, there was a fairly good dose of electric bass, too (with no less than long time “bass extremists” Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten).  What a privilege it was to hang out with so many of my bass heroes and to get one-on-one video interviews with Wooten, Rufus Reid, Chuck Israels, Harvie S, John Clayton, Jeff Bradetich, Bert Turetzky and several others.  Check out the video (and don’t miss the pictures, below!).

– Jon Liebman

Watch our exclusive video of ISB 2013

(See our photos, below, too!)

FBPO’s Jon Liebman, “out and about” at ISB 2013


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