Flea Has Gone To The Bees

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 3.57.07 PMFlea Has Gone To The Bees

Red Hot Chili Pepper bassist is now a beekeeper

By David Sands
August 17, 2015

Sure, Flea gets his nickname from a jumping bug, but it turns out his favorite type of insect may actually be the winged pollinating kind. That’s right, the Red Hot Chili Pepper bassist has recently become a beekeeper.

According to TMZ, the jovial musician installed three beehives on his property this July. Each of them holds over 60,000 bees.

Lately Flea has been offering glimpses of his embrace of the apiary life on social media, sharing photos with captions like “Pleezus more beezus” and “Me about to get busy with my beautiful little bees that I love.”

While Flea’s new hobby no doubt stems from his affection for the critters, there’s also a more serious reason behind his beekeeping. As a longtime environmentalist, he’s doing his part to help remedy a mass die off that has caused the honeybee population to plummet over the last few decades.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture points to pathogens, nutritional issues, pesticides and Colony Collapse Disorder, a mysterious phenomenon involving bees abandoning their hives, as reasons for the worrisome decline of honeybees, which perform a vital role in the food chain.

Aside from his beekeeping, Flea has plenty to keep him busy these days. In addition to working on a new RHCP album, he’s also looking forward to sharing the stage with Patti Smith, Thom Yorke and others at the Pathway to Paris concert in France this December. The performance, which will benefit the environmental group 350.org, corresponds with a U.N. climate change conference taking place in Paris later this year.


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