Flea Wants to Rep Lakers in NBA Draft Lottery

Flea-Lakers150Flea Wants to Rep Lakers in NBA Draft Lottery

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist promises “1st or 2nd pick”

By David Sands
April 23, 2015

Flea isn’t just one of the world’s most well-known bassists, he’s also a huge L.A. Lakers fan.

So, perhaps, it shouldn’t come as a total surprise that the whimsical Red Hot Chili Pepper has offered his services to the franchise.

Not musical services, mind you, he’s interested in representing them in the NBA draft. Flea made his pitch to the team’s management Sunday via twitter.

“Dear @Lakers if you want me to go represent for the lottery I. I assure 1st or 2nd pick,” he tweeted.

For you non-basketball fanatics out there, the lottery is the process that determines which order the teams that didn’t make the playoffs in the prior season choose their draft picks.

The team could definitely use some of Flea’s mojo. The Lakers ended 2014-15 with a 21-61 record, the fourth worst in the entire league last season and the worst performance in the history of the franchise, according to ESPN.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers bass player is well known for being one of the Lakers’ most dedicated supporters. He’s played the national anthem for them multiple times, operated a fan blog, and co-wrote a song called “Magic Johnson” on the Chili Peppers 1989 album, Mother’s Milk, honoring the team’s legendary point guard.

Flea’s had other things on his mind besides basketball lately too. He’s been working on a new album with the Chili Peppers, although a ski-related arm injury may have slowed down the recording process.

Earlier this year, the bassist revealed over Twitter that Danger Mouse would be producing the album, although the tweet was later erased.

Flea’s also been busy writing a memoir of his bohemian youth and life with the Chili Peppers for Grand Central Publishing. The release date for that book hasn’t yet been announced.

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