Foghat’s Under the Influence looks to band’s past

bassist Nick Jameson - FoghatFoghat’s Under the Influence looks to band’s past

“Slow Ride” bassist Nick Jameson will make an appearance

By David Sands
May 20, 2016

Foghat’s upcoming album, Under the Influence, gets its inspiration from the musical influences that have made the group what it is—and will fittingly include some special guests from the band’s past.

Our readers will no doubt be pleased to learn that one of these folks will be none other than Nick Jameson, who played bass on the original recording of Slow Ride (and also produced the album it appears on, 1975’s Fool for the City). The album, which comes out in June, will include a new version of “Slow Ride,” in honor of its 40th anniversary last year that will feature Jameson playing alongside their current bassist, Craig MacGregor.

It will also include a special appearance from Kim Simmonds, founder and guitarist of the British blues band Savoy Brown, a group several founding members of Foghat cut their teeth on prior to getting their own outfit off the ground in 1971.

Under the Influence will feature a satisfying brew of electrified rock and blues with a touch of funk and R&B thrown in for good measure.

In addition to their flashback-to-the-past guests, MacGregor and his Foghat bandmates (drummer Roger Earl, lead guitarist  Bryan Bassett and singer and rhythm guitarist Charlie Huhn) were assisted by Scott Holt, a Buddy Guy alumni who helped write the album and contributed guitar and vocals to several tracks, and the Grammy-winning producer and songwriter Tom Hambridge. Singer Dana Fuchs added some sensual vocals to several tunes as well.

The band started recording at their Florida studio, Boogie Motel South in 2013, assisted by Hambridge. As fate would have it, though, Earl and Bassett took a trip to Nashville to record with Holt at Dark Horse Studios for a friend’s graduation project and liked it so much they relocated to the studio to finish Under the Influence.

Their trip also resulted in a new band, Earl and the Agitators, with Holt as the lead guitarist and vocalist. This new outfit is opening several shows on Foghat’s current tour with Earl and Bassett holding double-duty with both groups.

Title: Under the Influence
Artist: Foghat
Release Date: June 24, 2016
Label: Foghat Records

Track listing:
1. Under The Influence
2. Knock It Off
3. Ghost
4. She’s Got A Ring In His Nose
5. Upside Of Lonely
6. Heard It Through The Grapevine
7. Made Up My Mind
8. Hot Mama
9. Heart Gone Cold
10. Honey Do List
11. All Because Of You
12. Slow Ride

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