Geddy Lee: “Tour again? I’d like to know myself”

Bassist Geddy LeeGeddy Lee: “Tour again? I’d like to know myself”

Rush bassist says band divided on touring

By David Sands
November 19, 2015

Will Rush take their music out on the road again? That’s the question the band’s notoriously passionate fans desperately want to know. Unfortunately, the word from Rush bassist Geddy Lee doesn’t seem very encouraging right now.

“Are we going to tour again?” Lee said in a recent Rolling Stone video interview where he and guitarist Alex Lifeson answered questions from fans. “That’s the question that I’d like to know myself… But it doesn’t look good at this point.”

“Not all of us agree on whether they want to tour again,” he added. “It’s difficult because we all have a sort of different idea about touring and, at this moment, we are not all on the same page.”

Lifeson has previously stated that R40, their 40th anniversary tour which wound up in August, would likely be their last major tour. Health-related issues are likely the reason for the band’s hesitation. The guitarist suffers from psoriatic arthritis, and drummer Neil Peart has chronic tendonitis.

On the topic of new music, however, Lee struck a slightly more optimistic note.

“We don’t have any immediate plans for that,” he said. “Right now we’re on holiday. I hope once the new year rolls around and the juices get flowing and we get hungry again we can talk about that.”

Asked if the band is “definitely not done,” he responded: “Not in my mind. But I can’t speak for everyone.”

Rush’s R40 Live CD/DVD/Blu-ray package will be released in multiple formats on Nov. 20.

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