Geddy Lee’s personal bass room

GeddyLee150Geddy Lee’s personal bass room

Take a look inside the ultimate man cave!

By Jon Liebman
February 24, 2015

Sam Dunn has a cool enough job as it is.  The Canadian-raised founder of Banger films has spanned the globe, producing a number of documentaries and TV programming, mostly about rock and metal.

Lately, Dunn had an experience that was especially thrilling and meaningful.  He was invited to visit Geddy Lee’s personal “bass room,” where he received a guided tour from the Rush frontman himself.  “Being a bass player myself, this was a pretty big highlight,” said Dunn, observing that Geddy has “the history of the bass guitar on his walls.”

According to VH1, Lee and Dunn were filming an episode of Rock Icons when the invitation was made.  The two men had worked together previously on Banger’s Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage in 2010.  This time was even more special for Dunn, who admits to having gotten “a few goosebumps” sitting with Lee and hearing him describe his vast collection of basses.

Geddy Lee’s personal “bass room”

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You may now call him “Dr. Geddy”
Jon Liebman


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