Geezer Butler gives hope for new album

bassist geezer butlerGeezer Butler gives hope for new album

Black Sabbath bassist: “There’s nothing stopping us”

By David Sands
January 28, 2016

Last fall, Tony Iommi spoke out about his desire to record another Black Sabbath album, saying he’d come up with “a whole load” of new material and was ready to make it happen.

Unfortunately, the guitarist claimed others in the band, particularly bassist Geezer Butler, weren’t into the idea. And so—with them embarking on what they say is their farewell tour—it seemed that Sabbath might have just called it quits with 2013’s 13 as their final studio effort.

In a Jan. 20 interview with Rolling Stone, however, Butler clarified his thoughts on the matter, giving hope that something may yet happen after all.

“I was just being logical,” the bassist told the magazine. “At the time, we were given six months to write and record an album and I said, ‘There’s absolutely no way we can do it in six months.”

That said, Butler is still open to recording with the band again in the future.

“There’s nothing stopping us from doing another album after the tour,” he said. “We just couldn’t possibly spend three years in the studio and then do a final tour. We’ll probably all be dead by then.”

Right now, however, the band is preoccupied with their farewell tour, The End.

Encompassing North America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand, the tour kicked off in Omaha, Nebraska on Jan. 20 and winds down Sept. 21 in Phoenix, Arizona.

The lineup features three of the group’s original members: Iommi, Butler and singer Ozzy Osbourne. Their original drummer Bill Ward won’t playing, though, a fact which was recently the matter of some contention.

In a interview, Butler contended that the drummer had been invited to play the last U.S. show of the tour, but declined because he’d wanted to participate for the full run.

Ward recently refuted that claim, saying he’d never been asked. Butler has since apologized on Twitter for his remarks, saying: “It appears Bill Ward was never invited to do a last show – my mistake. Sorry @billwarddrums.”

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