Geezer Butler itching to write his memoirs

bassist Geezer ButlerGeezer Butler itching to write his memoirs

Black Sabbath bassist says it’s on his bucket list

By David Sands
April 15, 2016

Who knew? Apparently, metal bassist supreme, Geezer Butler, in addition to being a trailblazing musician, also has some literary inclinations. In a recent interview with Kill Your Stereo, the mustachioed Black Sabbath bassist and lyricist revealed he’s interested in becoming an author.

Asked by Kill Your Stereo if he’s still got anything left on his bucket list, Butler replied he’d like to put his life story into words.

“I’d like to write a memoir for my grandkids because by the time they are grown I’ll be long gone,” he said. “and I’d like them to learn about me from my own hand rather than hearsay.”

It should make some for some pretty jaw-dropping reading once it finally gets into print; Geezer’s tales of his famous band’s musical innovation, early occult dabblings and wild rock-and-roll excess seem like a potent brew for a pageturner.

In addition hearing about Sabbath, readers would also get to hear about his beginnings with Rare Breed and time playing with Ozzy Osbourne’s group, Heaven & Hell, G/Z/R and the Geezer Butler Band. Who knows? Maybe the animal-loving bassist will even open up about his efforts to protect cats in the state of New York.

Black Sabbath is currently touring the world on their farewell tour, “The End.”

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