Geezer Butler wants to do farewell tour while he still can

Geezer-Butler150Geezer Butler wants to do farewell tour while he still can

But Black Sabbath bassist unsure it’ll happen, despite Ozzy’s insistence

By David Sands
May 29, 2015

There’s goodbye and then there’s goodbye. Black Sabbath’s bassist, Geezer Butler, emphatically wants to do a farewell tour, but has “absolutely no idea” if it’s going to happen before he shuffles off from this mortal coil, according to NME.

“I’d love to keep going, I’d desperately want to keep going before I kick the bucket,” he told the British music mag at London’s Ivor Novello Awards on May 21.

Whether the trailblazing metal band will give fans one last hurrah has been a matter of speculation for at least a year.

The group had signed on to play what was rumored to be their final show at last fall’s Ozzfest in Japan, but pulled out of the gig last April without much explanation. Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne, backed by some friends, replaced them on that bill. Later he told fans to expect another Sabbath album in the near future and a farewell tour in 2016.

Last April, following their cancellation of the Ozzfest show, a Black Sabbath rep informed Rolling Stone a farewell tour had been discussed but not confirmed. Hopefully, guitarist Tommy Iomi’s health won’t be a barrier to a last tour, as he told the publication in the same article he was in “fine” health after fighting off lymphoma in 2012.

While details of a possible Sabbath tour are still hazy, there is some good news for fans: the band is reissuing its first eight albums on vinyl this summer. The records, which run the spectrum from 1970’s Sabbath to 1978’s Never Say Die!, will be released on 180-gram vinyl as well as a CD format throughout June and July of this year.

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  • i know this is sacrilege, but ralely ozzy’s biggest talent is in finding good guitarists-without iommi,rhoads,and wylde hoone would know who he is. perhaps i’m bitter about the name dispute because if anybody owns the sabbath name it is tony-he is the only constant mamber of sabbath and when he tried to drop the minker in 1986 for the 7th star album he was forced by the record company to keep it. translation-nobody except iommi is BLACK SABBATH.


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