Gene Simmons charity event crashed by cops

gene-simmons-tongueGene Simmons charity event crashed by cops

KISS bassist gets plug pulled at fundraiser

By David Sands
November 12, 2015

Maybe Gene Simmons should have held his benefit concert in Detroit Rock City. Instead he chose to hold it in Los Angeles—and the cops ended up putting a damper on the festivities.

The incident took place on Saturday at a benefit party for a children’s charity held by the KISS bass player at the L.A. mansion of his entrepreneur friend Rohan Oza. Simmons had organized the swanky affair with the assistance of two nonprofits, Matter and the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Its purpose was to raise money for The Children Matter, an initiative dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk youth by expanding access to food and health services.

The event attracted an impressive audience that included stars like former American Idol judge (and bass player) Randy Jackson, actress and TV host Maria Menounos and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz and his girlfriend Meagan Camper.

Things went smoothly enough until Simmons, aided by KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer, reportedly started to make some raucous rock and roll for the crowd. Unfortunately, according to Page Six, someone in the general vicinity of the fundraiser was not in the mood for rocking out that evening.

“The sound from Gene’s performance traveled all over Beverly Hills,” a tipster told the entertainment site. “The cops showed up because of the noise.”

The presence of law enforcement persuaded Simmons to put down his instrument for the evening, the source added, though the party continued at a lower volume with the assistance of a DJ.

Don’t worry, though, we definitely haven’t heard the last from the man who made his name cavorting on stage in demonic face paint. In fact, Simmons told the Dutch news site back in May that he’s got a new song called “Your Wish Is My Command” that he’s just dying to have released on a new KISS album.

Given the band’s busy performing schedule, though, he doesn’t expect have anything recorded until next year at the earliest.

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