Gene Simmons, KISS working on new music

Gene SimmonsGene Simmons, KISS working on new music

KISS frontman also plans to release a new book

By David Sands
May 18, 2017

Although Gene Simmons declared earlier this year that he’s not “inclined” to work on any new music, it turns out he and KISS are doing exactly that.

Asked on Michael Cavacini’s blog about a recent Paul Stanley announcement that the band is working on a new album, the KISS bassist and frontman admitted that they are coming up with new some material.

“There’s some writing going on. Not too long ago I wrote a song called ‘Your Wish Is My Command,’” he said. “It sounds anthemic, like something that might have come off Love Gun, maybe.”

KISS hasn’t released a new studio album since 2012’s Monster. And in March, Simmons told the Canton Rep that fans stealing music through online file sharing discouraged him from coming up with new material.

Despite his revelation about the new material,  the KISS singer doubled down on this position in the Cavacini interview.

“I’m not incentivised,” he said. “The idea that you work your ass off and then someone with freckles on their face decides they want to download your music and file share — that’s not what I work for.”

In addition to his recent songwriting, Simmons has also been working on a new book called On Power, which he plans to release this November. Available through HarperCollins, the book will look at how regular people can make more money and become rich.

Gene Simmons is currently touring Europe with KISS and will be performing a series of concerts with the Gene Simmons Band at comic conventions this summer and fall.

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