HeadCat announces replacement for Lemmy

David VincentHeadCat announces replacement for Lemmy

Former Morbid Angel frontman David Vincent will be taking over his duties

By David Sands
May 9, 2017

HeadCat has found a new basscat to replace Lemmy Kilmister.

The future of the rockabilly group had been uncertain since Lemmy’s passing in 2015. But now his HeadCat bandmates Slim Jim Phantom (The Stray Cats) and Danny B. Harvey (Lonesome Spurs, The Rockats) have chosen ex-Morbid Angel Frontman David Vincent as the new bassist-vocalist for the group.

HeadCat announced this decision over Facebook on Friday (May 5).

“After the success of the Headcat show last December in Berlin, the two surviving members of Headcat, Slim Jim Phantom and Danny B. Harvey, have decided to continue the band they started with Lemmy Kilmister over 17 years ago,” the post reads. “David’s powerful baritone voice and thunderous bass playing is very complimentary to both Danny B’s guitar style and Slim Jim’s drumming. Different than Lemmy but true to Headcat’s vision and direction.”

“Rockabilly and Death Metal???” the post continues. “As Lemmy Kilmister, Danny B, Slim Jim and our fans have always tried to tell to you ‘It’s All Rock’n’roll’ !”

The band first came together as The Head Cat back in 1999, as the result of Slim Jim and Danny B. working on an Elvis Presley tribute album under the name The Swing Cats. Lemmy, who collaborated on the project, enjoyed playing with them so much that they ended up forming a new band that combined the names of their other groups, Motörhead, The Stray Cats and The Rockats.

The newly reconfigured HeadCat will be playing three shows in the U.S. next month — Austin, Texas on June 21, Seattle, Washington on June 23 and Portland, Oregon on June 24 — before heading out to Europe for a “handful” of shows in the late summer.

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