Igor Saavedra gets “natural” with new release

Bassist Igor SaavedraIgor Saavedra gets “natural” with new release

Organic Bass 1 offers eight-string elegance 

By David Sands
November 3, 2015

If you happen to pick up Organic Bass 1, the new DVD album by Chilean bass wizard Igor Saavedra, you’ll probably notice a curious label proclaiming it’s “100% Natural Bass, Not From Concentrate.”

The implicit promise is a healthy dose of straight-forward bass, and the new release delivers, providing listeners with a solid helping of the artist’s unique playing free of any musical additives like effects, preamps, knobs or sound editing.

This stick-to-the-basics approach is not surprising for Saavedra, who’s developed a reputation as one of South America’s most talented and unique bassists over the last two decades. A virtuoso of extended-range bass, he’s well-known for refraining from gadgets and letting his hands bring texture to his music. Aside from his skill with the eight-string, Saavedra is also recognized the originator of his own bass method, the Vectorial Synthesis Technique, and as the inventor of the Mic Ramp, an adjustable wooden ramp with built-in pickups.

Throughout his career the Chilean bassist has been a featured sideman on recordings covering a range of styles that include salsa, hip-hop and classical. He’s also released a slew of CDs as an educator. According to his website, however, Organic Bass 1, is his first solo endeavor since 1997’s The Flight of the Bumblebee.

Recorded last year in Germany with the help of his trusty 8-string Octavious, the new recording features a mix of interpretations and original compositions.

It starts off with a tune called “Funkenato,” that blends Colombian Vallenato and funk music. From there, he launches into his take on “Blue in Green” by Bill Evans and Miles Davis, making use of the tonado, a Chilean folk style, for rhythm.

Also included on the recording are versions of John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” and Stevie Wonder’s “I Can’t Help It.” Other originals include “South America,” “Octavius” and “Sunrise at the Little Music Box.”

Saavedra’s new release is a video album, recorded in an MP4 format so it can be both listened to and watched by fans. He recently resolved to begin making solo albums on an annual basis, so we expect to see more exciting works from the South American bass master in the near future.

Title: Organic Bass 1
Artist: Igor Saavedra
Release Date: June 2015
Label: Independent


Organic Bass 1 is available through Igor’s website

Igor Saavedra Organic Bass 1

Organic Bass 1

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