Inglorious scores big in U.K. with II

IngloriousInglorious scores big in U.K. with II

Veteran producer compares their sophomore effort with Zeppelin

By David Sands
June 7, 2017

For a band named Inglorious, they’ve been doing pretty good for themselves lately. The British hard rock outfit Inglorious’ sophomore album, II, rocketed to #1 on the U.K. Rock Charts last month, not long after its release by Frontiers Music Srl on May 12. (WATCH THEIR VIDEO “TAKING THE BLAME” BELOW.)

Formed in 2014, the band consists of singer Nathan James (who’s performed with Trans Siberian Orchestra and Uli Jon Roth of the Scorpions) bassist Colin Parkinson, lead guitarist, Andreas Eriksson, rhythm guitarist Drew Lowe and drummer Phil Beaver. The band is inspired by hard rockers of the 1970s like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple and dedicated to capturing the band’s live energy on its album by recording everyone playing together at once in the studio.

Inglorious recorded their new album at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studio during what bassist Colin Parkinson has described as “a two-week party.” Despite the festive atmosphere, he said in a promotional video that the band was much more prepared this time out: “For the last album  we we started off nine songs in and realized we were doing the album, not the demos for the album. We had all the songs ordered before we came in [this time].”

The songs on the album we’re written by the band at Eriksson’s flat in Malmö, Sweden and Colin’s family home in Somerset, England.

“It came together very organically after spending time touring together and felt great,” the group said in a statement. “We knew we were making an album this time too! We focused on getting our sounds just right so we could get into the studio and out in the least time [possible].”

Veteran producer Kevin Shirley, who’s worked with artists like Zeppelin, Journey, Rush and Iron Maiden mixed Inglorious II at his Caveman Studios in Los Angeles. He had high praise for their latest effort, calling it: “The best British band I’ve seen since… I could say the Darkness, but I really mean Led Zeppelin.”

Inglorious is currently touring the U.K. and other parts of Europe.

Inglorious II Tracklist:
1. I Don’t Need Your Loving
2. Taking The Blame
3. Tell Me Why, Read All About It
4. Change Is Coming, Making Me Pay
5. Hell or High Water
6. No Good for You
7.  I Got a Feeling
8. Black Magic
9. Faraway
10. High Class Woman

Title: II
Artist: Inglorious
Label: Frontiers Music Srl
Release Date: May 12, 2017

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