Iron Maiden Catalog Completely Re-mastered, Hi-res

Steve-HarrisIron Maiden Catalog Completely Re-mastered, Hi-res

Steve Harris: “The overall tone is so very much improved”

By Jon Liebman
May 4, 2015

Iron Maiden fans, rejoice.  All 15 of the band’s studio recordings – plus two “Best of” and two live albums – are now available in hi-res, 24 bit format, courtesy of Onkyo Music.  The remixed versions, personally selected by founding bassist Steve Harris, have been meticulously engineered from the original master tapes, making use of the best technology available.

“The high-res mastering procedure allows the listener to experience the music as close as possible to the way the artist intended it to be heard,” says Harris. “So of course I was very keen for the Maiden albums to be mastered in this way.”

While digital versions of the recordings have been available in the past, they were produced with CDs in mind, making use of technology that’s considered “old school” today.

Harris is pleased with the end result: “I was never really happy with the sound on the first Maiden album but listening to it now, the guitars are louder, the drums more substantial and the overall tone is so very much improved in my opinion.”

Harris acknowledges music and engineering geeks Tony Newton and Ade Emsley, both of whom worked closely with him on the project.  According to Harris, Newton and Emsley “did a terrific job recapturing everything from the original masters and together we’ve re-mastered them all digitally and I’m really happy with the results.”

The following Iron Maiden albums are available in 24-bit, hi-res format from Onkyo Music

  • Iron Maiden
  • Killers
  • The Number Of The Beast
  • Piece Of Mind
  • Powerslave
  • Somewhere In Time
  • Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
  • No Prayer For The Dying
  • Fear Of The Dark
  • The X Factor
  • Virtual XI
  • Brave New World
  • Dance Of Death
  • A Matter Of Life And Death
  • The Final Frontier
  • Somewhere Back In Time
  • From Fear To Eternity
  • Live After Death 
  • Rock In Rio

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Jon Liebman
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  • And metalheads everywhere rejoiced!


  • Of course, Mr. Harris is the first person that wants Iron Maiden music to be a best-seller. But I truly hate to see anybody trying to convince others of the advantages of hi-res audio, which from a technical standpoint are undoubtedly undeniable. But from a practical standpoint… unless I have a genuine interest in giving my cat and dog the best possible listening experience, hi-res audio is a waste of money and storage space.

    Of course, it’s possible for a hi-res file to sound better than, say, a redbook CD file. But if that happens, it’s because of different mixing, equalization, mastering… but NOT because of the ultra-high resolution. 48/16 lossless files are more than enough for any human listener to perceive any sonic nuance within human hearing range limits.

    Just expressing my sole opinion with all the due respect.


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