JACO: The Film available now

JacoTheFilm150JACO: The Film available now

Robert Trujillo’s passion project is finally here

By David Sands
November 27, 2015

Today is the day, Jaco fans! We’ve been building up to this for months: Jaco: The Film is finally here—and you can buy it right here in the For Bass Players Only online store.

Produced by Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo and released by Passion Pictures, the documentary explores the spellbinding life of bass virtuoso and former Weather Report member Jaco Pastorius, who mesmerized the music world in the 1970s and 1980s with his innovative fretless approach to playing the instrument. The doc now available through VOD, streaming services and digital download, as well as on DVD and Blu-ray. An official musical companion to the film, Jaco: Original Soundtrack, is also now out as well.

Jaco Pastorius
Although the great bass player’s contributions to music world are immense, it needs to be mentioned that his gifts are all the more startling because of the short time he had to share them. Pastorius, who struggled with and mental illness and substance abuse, died at just 35-years-old, following a tragic encounter at a Florida nightclub in 1987.

Trujillo has been working on the film for five years. The Metallica bassist, a devoted fan of Pastorius, saw him play several times and credits him as influence for his funk metal group, Infectious Grooves.

“It was just an eye-opening experience, and in a lot of ways it changed my life. Because that’s where I [first] saw the bass as an instrument that could propel itself in the forefront,” Trujillo told FBPO in an exclusive interview last November.

His work on the movie was inspired by this fandom as well as his friendship with Pastorius’ eldest son John, who is also part of the documentary’s creative team. Directed by Paul Marchand and Stephen Kijak, Jaco: The Film is filled with interviews by a slew of artists who were touched by Pastorius and his work, including Flea, Herbie Hancock, Geddy Lee, Bootsy Collins, Carlos Santana and Wayne Shorter. The first disc of the movie contains the feature film itself, while the second is filled with bonus material like outtakes exclusive footage and family films.

“The film has actually got a lot of treasures in there,” Trujillo told FBPO during his interview. “We’ve got an incredible interview with Joni Mitchell and Jerry Jemmott. My opinion is it’s a work of art.”

“Hopefully this film will inspire people and it’ll create that surge and that recognition for Jaco and awareness to him and his music,” he continued. “And maybe there’s someone else who will take it a few steps further. ”

Jaco: The Film is now available for order in the FBPO store in either DVD or Blu-ray. 

Jaco Pastorius

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