Jason Raso releases Man of 40 Faces

JasonRasoManOf40FacesJason Raso releases Man of 40 Faces

Newest collection features Alain Caron, Wycliffe Gordon, Franceso Pinetti

By Jon Liebman
April 7, 2015

Jason Raso doesn’t seem to be running out of things to say.  The mega-talented Canadian bassist and composer keeps churning out new music about every year or two, all of it good.

With his latest release, Man of 40 Faces, Raso showcases a wide array of inspirations, from a Tony Curtis/Burt Lancaster movie to Muzz Skillings and Randy Coven tunes.  While Raso performs much of the music unaccompanied, he’s also enlisted the talents of UZEB bassist Alain Caron, trombonist Wycliffe Gordon and vibraphonist Francesco Pinetti, each joining him in one of three duets.

Bass players will enjoy Raso’s strong command of the instrument, as he flawlessly demonstrates a cross-section of techniques, including chording, tapping and hammering, not to mention Caron’s exquisite fretless work on “Blues for Rocco.”  Man of 40 Faces is a truly melodic collection of originals, from start to finish.

Track list:

  • Suite Smell of Success: Man of 40 Faces
  • Suite Smell of Success: Spinning Forth 
  • Suite Smell of Success: That Tropical Island Mood 
  • Suite Smell of Success: Eyes of Broadway 
  • White Russian Waltz – featuring Francesco Pinetti 
  • Blues for Rocco – featuring Alain Caron  
  • Good Luck, and Good Luck 
  • Stone Cold Liberation – featuring Wycliffe Gordon  
  • Eye of Reflection 
  • Juxtapose 
  • Tragic Figures 

Title: Man of 40 Faces
Artist: Jason Raso
Label: Moped Records
Release date: April 7, 2015

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