Killers open up about band troubles

Mark StoermerKillers open up about band troubles

Ronnie Vannucci talks group counseling, Mark Stoermer no longer touring

By David Sands
September 22, 2017

It’s been some rough traveling of late for the Killers, whose fifth album, Wonderful Wonderful, hits stores today (Sept. 22), but the sailing seems to be getting smoother.

For one thing, the band announced back in may that bassist Mark Stoermer was taking a break from touring. That surprising disclosure was followed by an August update that guitarist Dave Keuning wouldn’t be performing shows on the road with them either, with the reasons given that Mark was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Art History along with solo projects and Dave needed to spend some time with his family. (Bassist Jake Blanton and guitarist Ted Sablay have been acting as their touring replacements.)

Now it’s been reported that tensions were running so high that the band underwent group counseling to keep them together in the run-up to their new album. In recent interview with NME, Drummer Ronnie Vannucci opened up about the Killers respectably mature approach to handling inter-band difficulties.

“It was basically a communication session,” said Vanucci. “We’re four dudes that don’t want to communicate, don’t know how to communicate, how to lay it out. We needed some lessons. I think it’s healthy. If you don’t clear the air there’s a lot of separation. Cracks start to feel like wedges then canyons, and then paranoia builds up and you misconstrue everything.”

He says the counseling sessions helped cut through “bullshit” and help deal with issues directly when they arose. As for Stoermer’s decision to stop touring with the killers, Vanucci was surprisingly even-keeled on the subject.

“Whatever keeps everybody in the car,” he said. “I miss Mark but I’d much rather deal with it like an adult now rather than in 10-20 years thinking: ‘We could still been a band.’”

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