Kimberly Dahme Releases “Lucy Lu”

Kimberley DahmeKimberley Dahme Releases “Lucy Lu”

Former Boston bass player hopes song will inspire fans to adopt a dog

By David Sands
October 18, 2017

Ex-Boston bassist Kimberley Dahme has a new single out aimed at raising awareness during “Adopt-A-Dog” Month, which takes place each October.

The new country-rock song, “Lucy Lu,” which is now available digitally via Platinum Planet Records, was inspired by Dahme’s family dog.

“It’s a sweet song about a very loving dog our family was blessed to have in her senior years,” says Kimberley.  “I believe all animal lovers have had a ‘Lucy Lu’ at one time in their lives. I hope you enjoy it and consider bringing a shelter pet into your home.  There are so many worthy animals just waiting for a home at your local shelter.”

Dahme wrote “Lucy Luy” at the Oak Island Songwriting Camp with the assistance of seven co-writers: Justin Peters, Victoria Jackson (from Saturday Night Live), Carolyn Cogswell, Jeremy Duff, Omar Lagudali, Laura Moore and Steven Rupe. The song was mixed by four-time Grammy-Award Winner Mark Capps and produced by Justin Peters. Dahme hopes it will encourage listeners to adopt a dog from a local shelter.

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