Korn releases footage of Tye Trujillo’s debut

Robert Trujillo and Son TyeKorn releases footage of Tye Trujillo’s debut

Watch Robert Trujillo’s son fill in for Fieldy on bass

By David Sands
April 20, 2017

While Korn’s Fieldy is away, 12-year-old bassist Tye Trujillo will play… and now we have proof.

As we reported earlier, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo’s son, Tye, is currently covering for Korn’s bass player Fieldy (Reginald Arvizu), who’s taking a brief hiatus as the band tours South America to support their latest album, The Serenity of Suffering.

Well, now Korn has released footage of Tye’s debut with the band during their first show together at the Gran Carpa De Las Americas auditorium in Bogota Colombia on April 17. While Colombian fans have been releasing some of their own videos online, Korn has opted to share a montage of their official footage  of the show on social media (SEE VIDEO BELOW).

The short video features a compilation of Tye and the rest of the band doing their stuff in Bogota to the accompaniment of their song “Falling Away From Me.” Korn’s doll mascot (who appears on the cover of their 1999 Issues album) also makes a cameo.

Tye’s proud father, Robert Trujillo, shared his thoughts about his son touring with Korn in a recent interview with the Brazilian show GloboPlay.

“It’s a beautiful thing, ’cause he’s still a 12-year-old, and he still acts wild and crazy, as a twelve-year-old should, but when it comes to music, he’s very focused,” he said. “And with Korn, it’s funny, because I haven’t shown him anything at all for the Korn stuff — I’ve been too busy and I’ve been out of town a lot — and he’s taking this opportunity very serious.”

Fieldy is expected to be back playing with Korn again next month as they tour the U.S.

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