Level 42 returns with 2016 Sirens II tour

bassist Mark KingLevel 42 returns with 2016 Sirens II tour

Mark King’s band to tour UK, Netherlands

By David Sands
March 3, 2016

Level 42, the British pop group behind a string of 80s hits like “Something About You” and “Lessons in Love,” plans to do a lot of traveling this year. The rock/funk/jazz band, fronted by bassist-vocalist Mark King, will return this fall from nearly a year on hiatus for a series of shows in the U.K. and Netherlands to support their new Sirens II EP.

Their 20-date U.K. tour, kicks off on Oct. 3 in the Welsh resort town of Llandudno and wraps up in London on Oct. 29. That will be followed in November by a Dutch tour that begins in Oosterpoort, Groningen on Nov. 1 and winds down in Metropool, Hengelo on Nov. 11.

This year’s outing is a follow-up to their popular Sirens tour of 2014-15. It will feature a combination of older classics and material from their new EP. In December, the group released a DVD/CD package featuring footage from their last tour recorded at the Indigo O2 arena in London.

Over the course of their career, Level 42 has released 14 studio albums, 7 live albums, the Sirens EP and six compilation albums and scored 18 top 40 singles.

Mark King, the group’s frontman, is a respected U.K. slap bass pioneer. In an April 2015 interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman, he spoke about his technique and how it differed from other innovators like Larry Graham.

“It’s not like Larry or Stan Clarke, both of whom I adore,” he said. “I’m not really sure how to describe my version of slap, but when I close my eyes and visualize playing bass, it is usually around a sixteenth pattern that is akin to a conga player laying down a pattern for the other guys to do their thing over.”

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