Martin Turner gets cosmic with new album

Bassist Martin TurnerMartin Turner gets cosmic with new album

Ex-Wishbone Ash bassist drops Written In The Stars By David Sands
October 6, 2015

For the last several years, Wishbone Ash’s founding bassist Martin Turner has been traveling around with a touring band playing classic songs he helped popularize as a member of the respected prog-rock outfit.

This year, however, he and his group have something new up their sleeves, an original recording called Written In The Stars. Released in early September, the album includes a number of cosmic-sounding songs with titles like “The Big Bang” and “Interstellar Rock Star.”  The bassist, who regularly reads astronomy magazines, used his love of space as a jumping off point for the recording.

“It was a loose theme based around ‘written in the stars,’ which is contemplating the universe and the wonder of our planet on which we live,” he said in a promotional video. (SEE BELOW).

Turner sees his new project as an extension of the work he started with Wishbone Ash, and, as such, listeners can expect a melodic album filled with vocal harmonies and a twin guitar sound.

He wrote and recorded the album with his band, which features Danny Willson and Misha Nikolic on guitars, Tim Brown on drums and himself on bass. Although, the group’s former guitarist Ray Hatfield left partway through the making of Written In The Stars, his work also appears on the album.

“It’s been a revelation really, working with my mates on a creative level,” Turner said. “I think everybody’s bounced off each other–stimulated and inspired each other throughout the process of putting this record together. It’s been a really pleasurable experience.”

Written In The Stars is Turner’s first new solo effort since 2008’s Argus: Through The Looking Glass.  Turner and his band plan on touring the U.K. and Europe to support the new album, starting Oct. 14.

Written In The Stars is available here: 


Written In The Stars


Track Listing:
1. The Big Band (Overture)
2. The Beauty of Chaos
3. Written In The Stars
4. Lovers
5. Vapour Trail
6. The Lonely Star
7. For My Lady
8. Pretty Little Girls
9. Falling Sands
10. Mystify Me
11. Interstellar Rockstar

Title: Written in the Stars
Artist: Martin Turner
Release Date: Sept. 4, 2015
Label: Cherry Red Records

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