McCartney-Kanye Song Irks Paul’s Wife

McCartney Kanye McCartney-Kanye Song Irks Paul’s Wife

Former Beatle also elaborates on their joint working process

By David Sands

December 7, 2017

It turns out Sir Paul McCartney’s 2015 collaboration with Kanye West, “All Day,” caused some friction between the former Beatle and his wife, Nancy Shevell. In a Wednesday (Dec. 6) interview with, McCartney told the program that his wife expressed concern about the song’s language.

“He uses the ‘N’ word about 40 times,” McCartney said, “and when I played it, first of all, my wife Nancy said ‘You can’t be involved with that!’ I said, ‘Well it’s not me saying it — it’s Kanye’. It makes a difference because he’s using it in a completely different way from how a white person might use it. So, I liked it. I thought it was a good record. It got nominated for a Grammy.”

McCartney also revealed that when he and Kanye initially got together to work on what became the track “FourFiveSeconds,” which also featured Rihanna, he wasn’t even sure they’d come up with anything.

“I was expecting for an idea to come out there and then, but his way of working is he takes all these little noodles away and he makes spaghetti,” he said. “He’ll play with it and curate it and do this with it and get somebody else to do another bit.”

Several months later, when McCartney listened to the song, he didn’t recognize his contributions until he was informed the song had been sped up and the guitar parts were his.

Paul McCartney is currently playing a series of shows in Australia and New Zealand, with the next scheduled for Dec. 9 in Brisbane, Australia.

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