Michael Anthony debunks Van Halen reunion rumors

Bassist Michael AnthonyMichael Anthony debunks Van Halen reunion rumors

The Circle bassist: Speculation “is not true”

By David Sands
January 19, 2015

We hate to stomp on people’s dreams, but it seems all the internet chatter about Van Halen getting back together with bassist Michael Anthony and singer Sammy Hagar is simply a case of overactive imaginations.

The recent hubbub is the product of fans connecting several different events they believed to be clues hinting at a reunion, including a video of Anthony playing in front of a music case with a Van Halen stencil.

Anthony took to Facebook on Jan. 16 to clear things up:

“I want to clarify some confusion surrounding a recent picture from a video shoot for my new Schecter Signature Bass that will be debuting at NAMM next week. Apparently, because a road case with the name ‘Van Halen’ on it is in the photo (which was taken by someone off to the side of the shoot), there is speculation of me having involvement with the band. This is not true. The shoot took place in my warehouse and this is just one of the many road cases I still own from the VH days that happened to be there. As a matter of fact, The Circle will be performing at the Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque, NM next week. I hope to see you all out there!”

A picture from the video Anthony is referring to is featured in a Van Halen News Desk article debunking the reunion.

Other purported clues include a new issue of Guitar World featuring a cover story with a Hagar-era Van Halen logo, Eddie Van Halen restoring a 5150 Steinberger guitar that he played during his first tour with Hagar, a planned reunion of David Lee Roth and the Eat ‘Em and Smile band (that was unfortunately called off by a Fire Marshal due to overcrowding) and the fact VH bassist Wolfgang Van Halen is now working on a solo album.

With the recent announcement of a Guns N’ Roses reunion,  it’s a good idea to never say never about ex-bandmates getting back together. But the prospect of a Van Halen reunion with Hagar and Anthony does seems pretty unlikely right now.

This past summer, Eddie Van Halen told an interviewer that Anthony video recorded the guitarist doing the bass parts to their songs in order to play them properly. Hagar responded by posting an expletive-laden Youtube video refuting the claim.

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  • MA, thanks for clearing that up for us all. Looking forward to hearing more music from The Circle.


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