Mike Dirnt Offers Great Tip For New Musicians

Mike Dirnt Mike Dirnt Offers Great Tip For New Musicians

Green Day bassist: Getting into music is “really about not being afraid”

By David Sands
August 31, 2017

Mike Dirnt of Green Day is offering up some helpful advice to aspiring musicians in a new video produced by Ernie Ball.

The video, part of the string maker’s String Theory series, explores Dirnt’s early days with Green Day as well as some introspective thoughts about playing the instrument he’s known for. But the musician also delves into the fact that he started out playing guitar and found his way to the bass over time.

“I am a bass player, 100%, but it’s funny because growing up people say you have to be either-or. Well I’ve always, since I was 5-years-old, sat up at the piano and banged on it, too,” he says.

Dirnt goes on to voice the view that young musicians shouldn’t hesitate to experiment:

“I don’t think people should be afraid to approach any instrument. I think your heart and your soul are going to gravitate towards one of them eventually, but introduction to music is really about not being afraid of instruments and being able to walk up to them and put your hands on them.”

Green Day is currently touring the U.S. and will be playing Camden, New Jersey tonight (Aug. 31).

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