Mike Watt to tour Europe with Cuz

Bassist Mike WattMike Watt to tour Europe with Cuz

Stooges bassist calls live gigs a “surprise” 

By David Sands
August 10, 2015

Punk rock bassist extraordinaire Mike Watt is headed to Europe this month where he’ll be touring for the first time ever with Cuz, a project that also features guitarist Sam Dook of The Go! Team. Drummer E-da Kazuhisa, who formerly made noise rock clatter with Japan’s Boredoms and now plays with the British electronic/post-rock group Seefeel, will be joining the experimental rock ensemble as they wind through the U.K., Belgium and the Netherlands from Aug. 26 to September 12.

The former Minutemen and fIREHOSE bass player referred to the tour as “kind of a surprise” in a post on his website, saying that the two musicians “never had any intention of live gigs” when they got their endeavor off the ground more than half a decade ago.

The origins of Cuz date back to 2007, when Watt and Dook bumped into each other at The Big Day Out music Festival in Australia. Dook was playing with The Go! Team, and Watt was doing his thing with the Stooges. The two of them hit it off, beginning a friendship that led to them sharing tour diaries and music demos. In his website entry, Watt describes how this transitioned into their side project:

“I was in london and had some days off between gigs working bass for the stooges so I took the train down to brighton to have a three day blowout w/brother sam on drums and me on bass, just wailing on it for three days! he later went through all that (we recorded ‘pert-near everything) and instead of using 70s records and tv show soundtracks for samples like his boss ian did w/the go! team, we instead became ‘our own samples’ w/these bits of our jams being used as building blocks for tunes we would then add more of ourselves and others to create what would become the ‘tamatebako’ album.”

For North Americans who can’t make it to the other side of the pond to see Watt, worry not, he’s playing a bunch of other gigs in the states this year as well. On Aug. 12, the bassist will perform an East Meets West show with drummer Thomas Surgal in Cypress Park, Calif. Following his trip to Europe, he’ll also be doing a series of gigs in California, Texas and Washington with his punk rock trio, the Missingmen, this fall.

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