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MONO Creators, Guitar and Bass Cases

By Jon Liebman
December 28, 2016

Imaginative hybrid technology yields practicality for working musicians

MONO Creators is a very cool San Francisco-based company with an impressive catalogue of practical products for musicians.

Among the things that makes MONO stand out is their unique use of materials and manufacturing methods, culling from varied sources of technology, including the military, footwear design and extreme outdoors industries. This hybrid technology, combined with MONO’s patented “Headlock” system, strap pin suspension and “crash pad” and “Boot” reinforcement, suggests that MONO’s designers were putting forth first-hand knowledge and experience, solving problems working musicians understand very well.

In addition to guitar and bass cases, MONO has products for drummers, keyboard players and other instrumentalists. They also make cases for laptops and iPads – even wallets.

In the video below, we take a closer look at the MONO M80 Electric Guitar Case and the MONO M80 “Vertigo” Electric Bass Case.

Watch our video of these MONO products!

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Jon Liebman
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