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BurntBeliefEtymology-150Burnt Belief: Etymology

Bassist Colin Edwin releases new collection of “progressive ethno-ambient fusion instrumentals”

The collaboration between bassist Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) and guitarist Jon Durant appears to be picking up steam.  The duo, dubbed “Burnt Belief,” released their self-title effort in December 2012.

Their just-released follow-up, Etymology, retains the pair’s signature progressive identity, while expanding the breadth by way of three hand-picked drummers, Vinny Sabatino, Dean McCormick and Jose Duque, each complementing the band’s pre-programmed electronic rhythms in his own way.  Also making an appearance is No-Man’s Steve Bingham on electric violin.

Track list:
1. Chromatique 
2. Dissemble 
3. Precis 
4. Hraunfossar
5. Convergence
6. Rivulet 
7. White Keys 
8. Not Indifferent 
9. Hover
10. Chimera
11. Squall

Colin Edwin – Basses /Programming
Jon Durant – Guitars

with :

Vinny Sabatino – Drums (1, 3, 5, 8,10)
Dean McCormick – Drums (4, 7)
Jose Duque – Drums (6)
Steve Bingham Violin (2,11)
Label: Alchemy Records
Release date: October 21, 2014

Download the following Burnt Belief albums:


Etymology is available here
Lane Baldwin, "The View From Here"

Burnt Belief’s debut release is available here
Lane Baldwin, "The View From Here"

See FBPO's story on Colin Edwin's "Twinscapes" release

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