News-Jeff Ament is looking forward to a break

Jeff AmentJeff Ament is looking forward to a break

Pearl Jam bassist talks about what’s next for the band; helping others

By Mindy Rochwerg
November 10, 2014

Just before Pearl Jam finished its tour for their 2013 Lightning Bolt album last month, bassist Jeff Ament spoke about taking a break and the future of the band.

Ament told Rolling Stone that he relishes “having nothing on the calendar, even if it’s just for a couple months.” He added, “We went pretty hard this last year, so I think everyone is ready to take a break and just wash the dishes and change some diapers.”

About the affect of time off on the band, Ament commented:

“The time off is good. I can’t think of a time in the last 10 years where I wasn’t like [claps hands] “I can’t wait to see the guys” after we’ve been away from it a couple months. You’re curious. We don’t necessarily stay in super-close contact when we’re away from each other. When you get back together you’re genuinely excited to find out, ‘Hey, how are things going with your kids?’ or ‘Let’s hear your new songs.’ All that stuff. That’s as much of a part of it as anything. The lifelong friendship part of it is more important to me than the legacy of the band at this point.”

When asked whether he wanted to still be touring in his 60s and 70s, 51 year old Ament replied, “Right now? No. I’m at the end of this tour and my knee hurts and my ears are ringing and I miss my wife and I miss my dogs. So right now, I gotta say I can’t wait to not be out here for a while. But I’ll get a couple weeks away and I’m sure I’ll fall back in.”

As for what comes next, Ament says the band is not currently working on a new album, but added: “…. I think everybody’s got some stuff stowed away. All the stuff I’ve written recently is gonna go into the RNDM box with Joe Arthur. It’s pretty easy for me at this point because we don’t have kids, so when I’m home I’m tinkering in the studio all the time.”

Ament, who was born in Havre, Montana, also talked about how he got into working on funding new skate parks throughout that state:

‘It started for me like three or four years ago, when actually I made out a living will. There’s an organization called the Montana Skatepark Association, and I was planning out that I wanted “X” amount of money to go to future skateparks in the state, and then I thought, “Well, why don’t I just do that now? Why wait until I’m dead, you know?”

“So in the back of my head I just said “I’m gonna give a certain amount of money to it over the next few years.” I sat down with a map and sorta mapped out about 10 towns that I thought made sense and started putting feelers out. And from there it just sort of snowballed.”

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