News-Judas Priest’s Ian Hill says heavy metal has gotten “a lot angrier”

Ian HillIan Hill says heavy metal has gotten “a lot angrier”

Judas Priest bassist: Things aren’t like they used to be

By Mindy Rochwerg
November 6, 2014

After a more than 40-year career as bassist with English heavy metal band Judas Priest, Ian Hill tells Boston’s WZLX Radio that he looks back “with a deep sense of privilege.”

When asked whether metal has changed for the better or the worse, Hill replied:

“Ah…. yes. It seems to have fragmented hasn’t (it)? Not just how we see it but the verses and the ballads and anthems have changed. The commercial scope also has changed. It seems that it has gotten a lot angrier, but the commercial audience has increased just the same even though it was never really designed that way. It seems to have fragmented but it is all heavy metal.”

“… I think one of the aspects that has changed is the softness and commercial aspects of it. It seems that it has to be loud and angry or it isn’t considered metal. It was never like that originally. Everyone had the ballad and the slow song or radio friendly track.”

Hill also commented about the impact of the Internet on the music industry:

“The Internet is good and evil in equal measure. If you have something to sell or offer, then you have unlimited contact to anyone who has a computer. If someone wants to give your music away then compared to making a cassette or CD back in the day, they can give it away to millions. It has become one of the modern things that is exploited or abused. It can make you want to put your head in your hands and scream some times. Haha.”


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