News – Lemmy the health nut?

Lemmy, MotorheadLemmy, the health nut?

Motörhead front man changes his ways as he approaches (no way!) 70

Story by Jon Liebman
July 8, 2014

Old rockers never die. They just, well…

Lemmy Kilmister has had his share of health issues, including heart problems, diabetes and surgery, to name a few. At 68, the aging Motörhead front man may be coming to the realization that even he can’t maintain the rocker’s lifestyle forever. The turning point may have been the cancellation of several concerts last year, cutting short the band’s European tour.

Could we be seeing a new Lemmy? According to Rolling Stone, Kilmister has given up cigarettes and replaced his traditional Jack & Coke elixir with pink moscato wine. Pink moscato wine? LEMMY?!!!

The change seems to be doing him good. In fact, he’s chomping to get back to touring and promoting Motörhead’s newest – and perhaps most successful – release, Aftershock, in a series of dates that will include stops in Russia, France, Germany, Belgium and more, all leading up to the famed Motörhead’s “Motörboat” cruise along Florida and Mexico. “I’ve still got a few bugs in me,” Lemmy jokes. “Don’t look forward to my demise just yet.”

Perhaps resigned to the reality that the touring lifestyle can’t go on forever (hey, even vegan Paul McCartney needed a breather this year), Lemmy says he’ll continue being on the road for as long as he can, but sees as imminent the days when the focus for the band will shift more to the studio. “You should deliver,” he says. “But if I can’t deliver, I’m never going to be a figurehead up there and just play for money. I could never do that.”

Recent events seem to have deepened Lemmy’s perspective on life. “I’m old, you know,” he admits. “In two years I’m 70, which is ridiculous. How did that happen to me?”


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