News-Never heard of Paul McCartney? Really???

Sir-Paul-McCartney-and-Kanye-West150Never heard of Paul McCartney?  Really???

Kanye West fans dub legendary Beatle “great new talent”

By Mindy Rochwerg
January 6, 2015

Upon hearing about the collaboration of Kanye West with Sir Paul McCartney on West’s single “Only One,” West fans tweeted “Who is McCartney?”

According to one Twitterer, “Kanye West really knows how to expose great new talent. Bet this Paul McCartney guy is gonna be HUGE after this song.”

The tweet caused quite a backlash, as McCartney fans took to Twitter to express their outrage that there could be anyone who does not know the man who helped sell over 100 million albums, wrote some of the most well-known music and was knighted for his contributions to the world of music.  “The downfall of America’s youth has officially concluded with people not knowing who Paul McCartney is,” said one tweet.

It turns out this may all have been a misunderstanding.  It looks like those Kanye fans were just joking (“trolling,” in Twitter-speak) and those that were upset about the comments just didn’t pick up on it.

Even Good Morning America and The Mirror U.K. hopped on the bandwagon.  Some Twitter users criticized by those programs clarified that they were joking.  Others, however, continued to troll.

This isn’t the first time someone has pretended McCartney isn’t already a household name. At the peak of Beatlemania, George Harrison introduced McCartney’s first live performance of “Yesterday” with the wisecrack: “For Paul McCartney of Liverpool, opportunity knocks!”

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