News-Nikki Sixx chooses song for his funeral

nikki-sixx150Nikki Sixx chooses song for his funeral

Mötley Crüe bassist doesn’t want it to be a sad occasion

By Mindy Rochwerg
December 1, 2014

Nikki Sixx wants his own song, “Life is Beautiful,” played at his funeral.    The song, written by Sixx, together with the members of his side band, Sixx:A.M., is found on the Heroin Diaries Soundtrack and is definitely not your typical somber funeral fare.

When asked what song would be played at the service, he said: “I’ve picked one of my own songs here, but with good reason, because it’s so appropriate.”  Sixx explains, “It says, ‘Promise me you won’t cry at my funeral’ and I’d like to think when that day eventually comes, everyone will be able to throw one hell of a party and tell a lot of funny stories.”

Sixx, now 55 years old, wed for the third time in March – this time to 28-year-old model and blogger Courtney Bingham. He also revealed that he was inspired to begin a band as a youngster after writing simple songs for kids.

Talking about the tune that made him want to become a musician, he told the latest issue of NME magazine, “It wasn’t one song; it was all the songs. Before I was in a band I was making up nursery rhymes.”

He added, “I left Idaho to live with my mum, and there was this acoustic guitar at her house that I started to write songs on. I was a songwriter before I was a musician.”

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  • The day Nikki dies will be one of the darkest of my life.


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