News – Roger Glover, Ian Paice tell what makes a great rhythm section

Roger Glover, Deep PurpleRoger Glover, Ian Paice tell what makes a great rhythm section

Reflections from longtime Deep Purple duo after 45 years of playing together

Story by Jon Liebman | August 12, 2014

Want to know what makes a great rhythm section? Ask a great bass player and drummer, of course! The question was posed to veteran British rockers Roger Glover and Ian Paice by Rhythm Magazine. Below are their responses:

“A great drummer,” says Roger. “When I first played with Paicey, my first impression was that he was just fluid and effortless. Most drummers back then were metronomic. They were there to just keep time, whereas Paicey wasn’t like that.” Glover added that Paice functioned as more than just the time keeper, saying his playing “was as much of the music as bass, guitar and keyboards.” According to Glover, Paice set the tone for their relationship early on. “He said, ‘By the way, I don’t follow; I lead.’ I said, ‘Ah, got it.’” The chemistry seemed to work. “I learnt very quickly to just tuck in with him,” says Roger. “His feel is like no other drummer I’ve ever known.”

Ian says the answer lies in the rhythm section partners knowing each other, “understanding each other’s feel and there being a dominant and non-dominant partner.” On the interplay between the two, Paice says, “Roger is happy to give me extra space. He might give me 20% so he has 30% and I have 70%.” When Glenn Hughes was in Purple, however, the situation was different,” he adds. “When I played with Glenn Hughes, he took his 50% and then some more because that’s the way he plays and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Roger Glover, Ian Paice

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