News-Snarky Puppy plays first concert in Korea

Michael League, Snarky PuppySnarky Puppy plays first concert in Korea

Bassist/bandleader Michael League “a bit hesitant” to call his band’s music jazz

By Mindy Rochwerg
October 29, 2014

Michael League, bassist and leader of the instrumental fusion band, Snarky Puppy, recently spoke to the Korean Herald about his band’s first concert in Korea.

League, who is also a composer, arranger, producer, and label owner, formed the band over ten years ago while attending the University of North Texas, to play the jazz/funk hybrid music he had been working on. League, and nine of his friends, played their first gig in the basement of a pizza shop.

Snarky Puppy has come along way from its modest beginnings. According to MarkBass, the band’s recent album, groundUP, reached #3 on the US iTunes jazz charts and #14 on the Billboard jazz charts.

Talking about the band’s sound, League told the Herald:

“I think that the individual personalities of our band members contribute to the overall sound in a big way. Each person influences the music by expressing themselves in their own way, and that influence stays with us even when they aren’t there.”

As for labeling the band’s music, League says, “I think there are a lot of elements in our music that fall in line with the jazz tradition, but I’m always a bit hesitant to call it jazz.”

Snarky Puppy celebrates winning a Grammy for Best R&B Performance, January 2014

Snarky Puppy celebrates winning a Grammy for Best R&B Performance
January 2014

“Everything we do with other artists stems from the vibe that we have established over ten years of playing our own music. There’s so much freedom within the music for us to explore, and it’s allowed us to gel in a unique way,” he added.

League said he was especially excited about the upcoming concert because the group’s keyboardist, Lee Ji-Young, is originally from Seoul. Said League:

“So it’s really interesting to finally come to Korea for the first time to play when one of our original members came from there,” he explained. “I actually grew up in a neighborhood in Virginia with a huge Korean population, so I was eating bulgogi, kimchi and bibimbap ever since I was a child ― I’m excited to experience the real thing!”

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