News-The Beatles wanted to star in Lord of the Rings

TheBeatles150The Beatles wanted to star in Lord of the Rings

Paul McCartney as Frodo Baggins?!

By Jon Liebman
December 30, 2014

Now that The Hobbit movie going strong in theaters, here’s a reminder of a classic film that never happened.  Back in the ‘60s, the Beatles were hoping to star in their own version of J.R.R. Tokien’s Lord of the Rings, which would have been their next film after Help!  According to Peter Jackson, the (actual) film’s director, it was Tolkien himself who took a pass on the Fab Four, reports Business Insider.  The band also aspired to have the film directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick, who also declined, according to Jackson.

Picture it, though:  John Lennon would have played Gollum and Paul McCartney would have been Frodo Baggins.  George Harrison would have played Gandalf and Ringo Starr was to have been Frodo’s ever-faithful sidekick, Sam. “I actually spoke about this with Paul McCartney. He confirmed it,” said Jackson.  “There probably would’ve been some good songs coming off the album,” Jackson said.

“It was something John was driving and J.R.R. Tolkien still had the film rights at that stage, but he didn’t like the idea of the Beatles doing it. So he killed it,” said Jackson.

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Jon Liebman

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