News-The Top 10 richest bass players in the world

John Paul JonesThe 10 richest bass players in the world

There’s a lot of money “down there” after all!

Story by Jon Liebman | August 21, 2014

Still holding out for that killer gig?  Determined to make the big bucks?  Don’t be dissuaded just yet.  Here’s a look at the net worth of the Top 10 richest bass players in the world, compiled by a site called TheRichest.  May you be inspired!  “It’s not about the money,” you say?  “I just want to be a great bass player.”  Well, that’s okay too.  But look at this list!

The richest bass players in the world:

Paul McCartney

1. Paul McCartney: $1.2 billion

2. Sting: $300 million (tie)
Gene Simmons

2. Gene Simmons: $300 million (tie)
Roger Waters

4. Roger Waters: $270 million
Adam Clayton

5. Adam Clayton: $150 million

6. Flea: $115 million
John Paul Jones

7. John Paul Jones: $80 million
Geezer Butler

8. Geezer Butler: $65 million
Tony Kanal

9. Tony Kanal (No Doubt): $45 million
Krist Novoselic

10. Krist Novoselic: $40 million

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  • When you think of the best bass players in the world, names like James Jamerson, Victor Wooton, Jerry Jemmott, Chuck Rainey, Ray Brown, Charlie Mingus, and Paul Chambers are on everybody’s list; but the guys who make all the money are all white. Interesting.


  • I would bet that a good portion of the $$ amassed by these bassists stems from their songwriting/publishing royalties, in addition to the sheer number of album sales. Tony Kanal’s heritage is Indian, by the way.


  • Ironically, if you made a list of the top ten bass players, none of these guys would be on it


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