Nick Beggs gets out there with new video

Nick BeggsNick Beggs gets out there with new video

Mute Gods “Tardigrades” video might just give you nightmares

By David Sands
March 17, 2017

Nick Beggs and his prog-rocker bandmates in The Mute Gods have a new video out for their song “Tardigrades Will Inherit the Earth,” and it looks like the weirdest Dr. Who episode ever.

“Tardigrades” is the title track to their new album of the same name, which came out Feb. 24 via InsideOut Music. Framed by hypnotic droning riffs and riveting drums, it offers a somber warning of what may await humanity if we don’t get our act together soon.

Their new video features the aforementioned tardigrades—weird microscopic creatures that look like caterpillars mixed with bears sporting robot heads—flying through the sky wreaking havoc as if they’re some sort of alien invaders. Later on, cube-headed creatures that appear to be evolved tardigrades appear, acting out typical human routines. All of this is accompanied by some rather spirited sign language interpretation which humorously draws attention to the the song’s lyrics.

In a recent statement, Beggs opened up about the new album’s fiery commentary on politics, the environment and the state of the modern world:

“I know I’m not the only person who feels the way I do. Other people understand the state of the world and what’s at stake as we make one terrifyingly bad decision after another. This album asks people to take off their rose-tinted spectacles and consider the reality facing us. At this point in my career, I feel strongly that it’s important to use music as a vehicle for truth, not just feel-good entertainment.”

Formed in 2015, The Mute Gods is a trio made up of Beggs (who handles vocals, and plays bass and Chapman Stick), keyboardist Roger King and drummer Marco Minnemann. Their new album, Tardigrades Will Inherit the Earth, is available in special edition CD digipak, standard CD jewelcase, gatefold black 2LP+CD, and digital album formats.

01. Saltatio Mortis
02. Animal Army
03. We Can’t Carry On
04. The Dumbing Of The Stupid
05. Early Warning
06. Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth
07. Window onto the Sun
08. Lament
09. The Singing Fish Batticaloa
10. Hallelujah (bonus track)
11. The Andromeda Strain
12. Stranger Than Fiction

Title: Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth
Artist: The Mute Gods
Release Date: February 24, 2017
Label: InsideOut Music

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