Nikki Sixx Launches New Blog Dedicated To Emerging Artists

Nikki-SixxNikki Sixx Launches New Blog Dedicated To Emerging Artists

Mötley Crüe bassist reflects on importance of new music in first post

By David Sands
July 27, 2015

Nikki Sixx may be pulling the plug on Mötley Crüe later this year, but that certainly doesn’t mean he’s slowing down.  Not only is the bass player continuing to make music with his band Sixx: A.M. and hosting several syndicated radio programs, including “Sixx Sense”, for Premiere Networks, but he’s also just launched a new blog to highlight up and coming bands.

The project, an iHeartRadio blog, falls under the same banner of companies as his syndicated music shows. His first entry “#SupportNewMusic with Nikki Sixx,” dated July 22, explains the blog’s purpose and spotlights several bands that are flying under the radar.

“My mission with the Sixx Sense platform is to reenergize and revitalize music by giving new artists a chance,” he writes. “To not only keep rock and alternative music relevant, but also to help it secure its well-deserved place in history. Take time to refresh your playlist—it’s important.”

Sixx goes on to talk up new music by the Struts, Crown the Empire, PVRIS and From Ashes to New, including music videos by each right in the blog itself. The bassist also takes the opportunity to talk about the vital role music played in his own life as a teenager growing up in Seattle. He wraps up by stressing the vital role new music plays in keeping our culture vibrant.

“We need to educate and converge how we listen to and experience music so we can refresh the system,” he says. “It’s the hearts of these young kids fighting for their beliefs that we need to tip our hats to. This isn’t corporate music—it comes from blood, sweat and tears, vision and hard work. What could be more important?”

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