Paul Gray memorabilia going up for auction

Paul GrayPaul Gray memorabilia going up for auction

Slipknot bassist’s instruments and jumpsuits will be available for bidding 

By David Sands
March 10, 2017

Fans of Slipknot will soon have a chance to acquire some truly unique memorabilia that belonged to Paul Gray.

Next month, the online bidding house Backstage Auctions will be auctioning off rare items from the personal collection of the late musician, who played bass, composed songs and sang as a backing vocalist for the Grammy-winning metal band. Gray died of an overdose in Des Moines, Iowa in 2010, shortly before his wife Brenna gave birth to their daughter.

“It’s truly a privilege to be hosting this event especially knowing that it will benefit Paul’s daughter October,” Backstage Auctions founder Jacques van Gool said in a statement.

During the auction, collectors will be able to bid on equipment, stage attire, set lists, tour itineraries, awards, personal passes and more. Among the most exciting items up for bidding are more than a dozen of Gray’s bass guitars, including the Warwick 4-string “Thumb” bass that was his personal favorite for his first six years with Slipknot. Fans will no doubt be pleased that several signature jumpsuits from the group’s early days will also be available for purchase.

“Each of the guitars and jumpsuits has their own story to tell and represent a significant element of Paul Gray’s touring and recording history,” said van Gool. “I have personally worked with Brenna Gray over the past 18 months and her final selection of items from Paul’s collection is amazing and truly honors Paul’s legacy. She has hand-picked items that will appeal to Paul Gray and Slipknot collectors all around the world.”

The online auction event begins April 1 and runs through April 9, 2017. A special VIP All Access Preview of the entire auction catalog will be available online starting Saturday, March 25th.

During his time with Slipknot, Gray was known as “The Pig,” due to the somber pig-inspired mask he wore on stage with the band. Before joining Slipknot, the late bassist also played with Vexx, Body Pit, The Have Nots and Inveigh Catharsis.

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