Paul McCartney records “In the Blink of An Eye”

bassist Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney records “In the Blink of An Eye”

Song will appear on animated film soundtrack

By David Sands
October 28, 2016

Macca’s back with some brand new music. This time around, it’s a new song called “In the Blink of An Eye,” which will appear on the soundtrack of the upcoming film, Ethel & Ernest.

Although the tune is now offered as a pre-order through iTunes international stores, as of the morning of  Friday (Oct. 28) it was still not available in the U.S.

The animated movie, Ethel & Ernest, is based on a graphic novel by the English author and illustrator Raymond Briggs; it explores the lives of a London couple based on the author’s parents.

The former Beatle is no stranger to recording for animated soundtracks; he’s also written songs for the film Rupert and the Frog Song and his own upcoming movie High in the Clouds. In addition to “In the Blink of An Eye,” Ethel & Ernest‘s soundtrack also features an original score by McCartney collaborator Carl Davis.

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